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What we're doing

Ballet Street Project is a platform for the creation and development of dance-centered artistic collaborations across all mediums. We seek to unite cultures and communities by recognizing that art lives within everyone of us, and by fostering the development of creative expression through dance. We want to touch hearts through the beauty and inspiration of the performing arts.

We are currently working on the production of 5 short videos featuring professional ballet dancers in locations all around Kansas City: Union Station, Nelson Atkins Museum, 18th and Vine, the 1900 building and bridges around the West Bottoms and River Market. The dancers are wearing their own clothes and improvising in the moment. We have chosen popular music for mass appeal.

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Cultivating & creating, sharing our art, finding new stages while capturing new audiences.

Watch and enjoy Kansas City’s top professional ballet dancers give a performance filled with artistry, energy, passion and feeling on the grounds of the magnificent Nelson-Atkins Museum Of Art.

Special thanks to each of the outstanding artists who have contributed. Please like, share and comment below to help support our artists.

The final composition was arranged and edited by the talent at Bic Media.

Union Station

Union Station is the first video created by Ballet Street Project. We unleashed nine professional ballet dancers from months of quarantine, chose five inspiring locations around Union station, blasted Black Pumas from a speaker and started the cameras rolling under the guidance of the experienced Ron Berg.

The dancers, wearing their own clothes (some donated by Eleve Dancewear) and sneakers, reacted to the moment as best they know how, through movement. The ‘choreography’ is totally improvised, except for one small section with two boys. Everyone was a witness to the joy and release the dancers were feeling from getting to move and perform in open space again.

Mother nature cooperated beautifully, and provided light that painted atmospheric backdrops. The timing of the evening brought us from the bright lights of pre dusk, on the bridge with Lilly and Lamin, into the glow of sunset with James, the colorful drama after the sun just sets with Kelsey, and ending in the mystique and excitement of a night just beginning by the fountain with everyone dancing.

The final composition was arranged and edited by the talent at Bic Media.

This is wonderful, seeing the beauty of dance among the beauty of the city.
Like a breath of fresh air! Thank you!!!
I miss the performaing arts. That's what my soul needed. Thank you.

Who we are

Tempe Ostergren Elsberry

Tempe Ostergren Elsberry danced professionally for 20 years. She started her career at Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle then joined Boston Ballet and finished her career as one of the lead ballerinas for the Kansas City Ballet. She trained at the School of American Ballet in New York City and with Willy Burmann at Steps on Broadway. Over summers she trained with Yannick Boquin at the Rosella Hightower school in Cannes France. This is her first experience as a Producer and Creative Director.

Ron Berg

Award-winning commercial photographer Ron Berg’s keen eye for details and gentle but focused approach make him the photographer of choice for global brands across a wide variety of industries. For over 20 years, Ron Berg Studio has created rich and layered still photography and video that sets brands apart and creates memorable connections with audiences. His editorial work has been featured in Esquire, Vogue, GQ, New York Magazine, and others.



Remy Styrk is a composer and creative. Born to a homeless heroin addict in Newark, New Jersey in 1999. At the age of 14 months, he was adopted by a couple, the husband, a fashion photographer and wife, a creative director. His parents’ love of the arts helped deepen his curiosity in music and the creation of it. In 2004, the family moved to Leawood, KS from their colonial house in Accord, New York. Within months of settling into the Kansas suburb, Styrk’s mother suddenly passed away due to a brain aneurysm, immensely inspiring his passion for music through the following years. He set out to write about the experience as a way to continue her memory. He has studied at the Grammy Museum, learning from artists such as Matchbox Twenty, Fallout Boy, and Sevendust. He’s worked on sound design and music for films, tv shows, and commercials from HBO/Showtime.

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